About EAP

At the origin, I name this project "pidgin-EAP" for pidgin theme with Emoticons for All Protocols. Now this theme contain some sounds and buddy list themes.

A big thank you to all those who were allowed or allow this theme to exist.

I need you to update this theme if necessary. If you have a protocol theme that you think we can add or merge in this, you can send it in an issue, on Google+, Facebook, modify directly it on Github by pull request, or you can join me on my xmpp powabanga@jappix.com .

Theme used by protocol (default)


Apple [MightyText]

Facebook [Facebook]

Gadu-Gadu [Gadu-Gadu]


MySpace [MySpaceIM]

NateOn [NateOn]


Sametime [Sametime]

Skype [Skype] [Skype(D-Bus)] [WLM] [MSN] [Office Communicator]

Tlen [Tlen.pl]

Yahoo [Yahoo]

Hangout [Hangout] [XMPP]

All theme who are in this

Hangout MSN (very old) WLM (old) AIM Emoji apple Facebook Gadu-Gadu Google Talk (old) ICQ Myspace NateOn QQ Sametime Skype Tlen.pl Yahoo

Preview all themes


Google+ Facebook


On windows :

Download the zip,

open it and put all the contents of "pidgin-EAP-master/.purple" here :

And Install fonts who are in "pidgin-EAP-master/.fonts" on your system

On Linux :

git clone https://github.com/PowaBanga/pidgin-EAP.git && cp -rf ~/pidgin-EAP/* ~ && rm -rf ~/pidgin-EAP



Emoticons are gray territory. While they are re-used in several ways across the web, they are actually copyrighted under different license terms.

This theme on the other hand is unlicensed.